My lover's attention is best captured when my stiff, utter breasts are very first unveiled. True, the perceive against my skin of fine, sheer underwear always makes me humid. But I so love the showcase as I close my eyes and caress my breasts imagining the wonderful sensation of lips sucking my hard nips. Permit me to treat you to my fantasy here.

Lady on beach

Sans bra

Raw fuckfest on the tracks

Eva lets me trim her nether region and WFI then showers off

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Gangbang young teen
Naked hot tubbin' with my sexy wife!

My wifey sent this to my cell phone as an incentive to come home soon!

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Lady on beach
The sauna a few months ago with my gf

Went to see Straussman's "Ted E Bears" farewell tour a few weeks ago.

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Lady on beach


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