Alina and her photographer in the south of France thank all of you for your comments on our other contri this month! This time we spent the afternoon by the pool and we had lots of joy taking the pictures below for your enjoyment! See you next month - maybe, so please vote....

Chubby nudest


Our motel nights together close and intimate

After a day in the sun I couldn't help but take a few shots.

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Teen nudest
taken last night...thought i'd share

She's posing at first-ever time, so don't be too strict!

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Chubby nudest
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the sun brings out the fun! down at he creek things begin to get wet!

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Chubby nudest


    Wrote biwomant

    Very sexy in your thong!!

    Wrote x08090

    Wrote korkmaster

    so were was this joes?

    Wrote olderlove

    world class lady

    Wrote lelo777

    Let's assume for the sake of the argument that Teresa is the topless blonde...she's way too sexy not to bring us some future contri showing those beautiful hips, thighs and boobs, not to mention her tummy. More, please, but closer, so we can see

    Wrote brownstoker

    sexy in the nylonsand high heel sandals

    Wrote wildwilley

    We were there too. saw one of "Sue" by high tide of sc pof (piss off flamers...keep posting..

    Wrote gardin

    Roses are Red Violets are blueSuper votes again and again for you Missed you you doll Glad your back Lets see more in heels and stocking , forget the panties - he he and short skirts too But any shots of you will turn me on Thanks again xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoGarry

    Wrote baroneros


    Wrote pallmall30

    Nice sexy pose. That is a beautiful nipple. So erect and waiting for somr soft lipsMay I have 1 more:

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    tienes un cuerpo espectacular y muy apetecible

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    only i miss elegant high heel sandals

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    Nice mountains.

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    Great shots. Nice closeups. Hot girls.

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    No wonder that you are Happy, Archie. She is very exciting and looks like a very pleasing woman.

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    love the turgid lips.

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    Her rock hard puffies give away how revved on she is.

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    Wow, you are amazing. You absolutely need to send in some gonzo act pics.And lots of them!!!

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    yummy poon shot

    Wrote middle82man

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    Wrote John_G

    Holy crap, that is earnestly one of the most amazing glances I have ever seen. The skin tone, the bootie, the gorgeous slit, the inviting sofa, the right amount of light...looks like the epitome of a late afternoon delight.

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    absolute stupid contri

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    Please, more close-up pics!

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