At our latest charity CarWash which was put on by the local adult starlets was just another event that you would find myself and some of my friends baring it all both for the devotees and the media. Here is some of my friend Bianca who is fairly fresh in the media eyes but ever so naughty! You can see more of me at my site Hugs and Smooches Lainey



Past pics of some island joy

A mom a bitch posing for you hoping that makes you masturbate

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Nude photography beach
women are beautifull...

Je lui ai demande de me prendre en photos et voila

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Some Shots we took on our last holiday

voici Four photos de france pour une premiere practice.

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    Truely a gorgeous girl! superb shots, hope you send many more! Are you from NH? SW NH here and if you ever need someone to run your camera to get the two of you together would love to help! lolThanks, Bill

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