Hi Everyone-After a duo of months of traveling, we are back home for the holidays. Merry Christmas to all our friends and the naturists staff. Here are a few misc. shots from the past year. Cheers, Cathy & Dave PS We downloaded Ten pics, but only Five came thru. We will send the rest later(nude beaches in St. Maarten)

Teen boys nudists


wife's tits on top of boat

Who want's to help me for my next contri???!Bye...

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Teen gang banging
She loves it in all places ;)

A very ultra-cute damsel with her beau, some crimson wine in the metal cup..

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Teen boys nudists
My wifey sucking my meatpipe in Venice.

M* Mr. Nosharing's Very first Contri Just some assorted shots..

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Teen boys nudists


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